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The LU-Smart HD Mobile App Solution brings LiveU's bonded transmission technology to mobile phones and tablets, combining Wi-Fi and cellular networks to reach optimal video quality.
Cover breaking news and events as they happen simply by using your smartphone or tablet to transmit live video back to the studio.
Requires Android version 5.0 and up.
Please contact LiveU for license and registration:

We've been cooking some hot stuff coming in Smart 6.3! This time we've focused on enhancements to the files workflow.

- Up until now the app had limited file management options... But no more! Smart 6.3 introduces a powerful management interface for you video files and their associated metadata. This enables some exciting new workflows such as the ability to do Live & Store and then upload that file to YouTube right from the device.

- Are you in an area with zero connectivity but plan to upload your video later? We've now added a "Store" mode that allows you to use LU-Smart to record your video, manage it in the file manager, and then upload it later on. We feel this will only deepen your love of Smart as we now offer modes to Go Live, Store & Forward, Live & Store, and Store Only!

- Get a text you need to respond to while you've got an upload going? No worries! We can now upload while the app is running in the background so you can respond to mom in a timely manner.

- Rounding out our metadata offering in Smart, we have done a few "exciting" things. 1- The metadata side carriage file will now be sent at both the beginning and end of a session. This includes any session other than "Store Only." 2- metadata has added fields and the XML file is now version controlled... So as we make updates to the format, your downstream systems will keep chugging along.

- Not sure what channels are available? With our new channel status indicator you can 100% sure that the channel you've selected is good-to-go. Next to every channel appears a green or a red dot. Green dot means available. We trust you're smart enough to figure out what the red one means.

What's new in LiveU Smart 6.1?

- Here at LiveU we know the need to be live now sometimes means you'll be live under non-optimal streaming conditions. To this end we've added the ability to record a full resolution copy of you're live stream... while live!

- Worried about running out of space now that we can save all these video files to your device? Don't fret, there's a new time-counter telling you approximately how much storage is left on your device while you're in a session that records video to your device.

- Is the audio too loud? or maybe you've got an interview with a candidate for "quietest speaker ever" -- LU-Smart now has audio gain control. You can tap the audio indicator icon and slide the gain up and down. You'll notice that it moves a green indicator next to the VU meters up and down, which as luck would have it, is also able to be dragged to set the level!

- Video without metadata is like bread without butter. We've added a new metadata feature to be able to send both user entered and automatically generated information on session start.

- Had too much coffee today? Feeling a bit shaky? LU-Smart now has an option for Optical Image Stabilization! On supported devices it's enabled by default, so if you're feeling super confident that you don't need the additional help keeping the camera steady.

- Need a lower delay stream? how about a higher bitrate one? Great news! LU-Smart now supports delays as low as 1 second, and bitrates up to 12 Mbps! Tread lightly on the higher bitrate, if you're on a capped data plan.

- Location service now supports three modes of operation: 1- never send your location, 2- send your location only while LU-Smart is running, and 3- Always send your location. If you're looking to use LiveU's "Be First," make sure you've got location services set to Always

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