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"Shoot War:Strike Killer" is a modern military theme of the third-person shooter Game(TPS).2080 terrorist organization "Mask" minions has penetrated into every corner of the world.They have developed a new type of zombie virus which infect with normal make them become evil zombies and attack other normal.Now opposition forces around the world with no choice but to defend peace and justice to defend the courage to fight it.It is time to take action and confrontation of the bad guys ,in the game you will play a well-trained and firm conviction of the special soldiers.Take up arms, deep behind enemy lines, find useful clues scattered exterminated "Mask" terrorist
organizations around the world and the final track behind the scene, eliminate the terrorist organizations and the evil zombies."" Let you to experience comparable to the PC shooter shooting experience, you feel the unparalleled thrill of shooting.Whether you are just getting started shooting novice or battle-hardened war veterans, the game will let you experience the fun of shooting game.Around the world map various scene modes, realistic weapons and equipment for the brilliant trip icing on the cake of your killing, diverse play modes, achievements and global players fighting competition, all are fully in place, waiting for you to fight.Dangerous on the battlefield, if you can escape through the hail of bullets and zombie besieged complet many challenges and uphold to the end, you are the perfect killer.Withdraw your kindness, began fighting it!

***Ultra-realistic 3D battle scene screen allows you to experience the immersive thrill of battle DUST, Glass, Maya, Village etc.

***10+firearms, fighting for you to choose, as long as you are brave enough to kill the enemy and win the gold will be able to unlock beautifully realistic 3D firearms. AK, M4, MP5, AWP, Barrett, ....

***Easy to use but extremely playable. Flexible so that every enemy AI is unique, challenge your shooting skills. Join the war, struggling to shoot! As complete as special operations agents, stimulate manufacturing headshot, experience extremely lifelike picture.

***Lifelike sound brilliant fighting effects, both soft and smooth operation feel immersive.

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