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In Fence Jump you play as a fugitive sheep trying to escape from his farm, but don't matter how much she leap, the fences don't end, it looks an endless jump!

How much can you jump before ending with your face on a fence or tree? And can't you forget to get the coins on the way, why? cause a 2d game need coins... and points... and this stuff.

You can choose if you want to make more points or more jumped fences and show to your friends that you are the best fugitive sheep, free your inner sheep, baa!

The game features ranks for best jumped fences and points and has two play modes one with a help bar to help in your jumps and another with no help but ranked, we hope you enjoy the best of the game free and have fun playing this addictive and entertaining free game, baa!

* Addictive game
* Fun game
* Free game
* Simple controls and gameplay but still fun and addictive
* Easy mode to make the game fun and addictive to all players from kids to adults
* Ranked games to test your abilities and record your best points on the rank to make the game more addictive and fun
* As we get more players we will add ways to spend the free coins collected on the store and costumes and make the game best

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3 years

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