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Iqro method 'is a method of reading the Qur'an that emphasize direct reading exercises. The guidebook Iqro 'consists of 6 volumes at the start of the level of a simple, step by step to the perfect level.

Iqro method 'is in practice not require an assortment of tools, as emphasized in reading (reading the letter of the Qur'an fluently). Reading directly without spelled. That is introduced to the names of letters hijaiyah with active student learning (CBSA) and more individual.

learn the Koran which consisted of learning the letters hijaiyah and basic Iqro made to introduce and teach your son or daughter's favorite way of learning letters and letter hijaiyah hijiyah marked Fattah, kasroh and dhomah with interactive gaming method. Suitable for children of pre-school age, especially early.

Digital Iqro an application that is education or education in the field of Islamic religion to teach children about the basics in recite or read the Qur'an, Iqro is a direct method to practice reading. As for digital Iqro guide consists of 6 volumes of the level of a simple, step by step to the perfect level.

with the application of digital Iqro this will make it easier for children and parents to teach their children to learn to read or recite better.

the advantages of digital Iqro:
- Complete Iqro book (1 -6)
- Learning the letters hijaiyah

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