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Castle Siege is a TCG based strategy game, featuring turn-based castle battle matches. You play as a king of your castle fighting against enemy castle to gain control over the kingdom. Finish building your castle or destroy your opponent’s empire by playing the right spells to win!

— Two players mode
— Online multiplayer
— 12 medals for you to earn
— Custom deck builder
— Unlock-able hard difficulty
— Score table
— In-game tutorial
— Pleasing aesthetics, tuned into the last detail(watch the castle flags in wind)
— Beautiful music soundtrack

Each player has it's own deck of cards and resources that are used to cast cards. Players can play or discard one card each turn. There are lots of powerful cards to help you in enemy demolition or building your castle higher.

Castle Siege is also very enjoyable to play with your friend, kids or even your wife. Gameplay concept is extremely easy to learn and you can start playing right away. You will be surprised how much fun is hidden in this game.

NOTE: To compete in Hard Wins leaderboard, a default deck must be used for now.
Next updates will roll out campaign mode support, which we can't wait to play.

Good luck in castle battles!

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