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About Griddle Plus

Griddle: This simple but addictive word game strikes a fine balance between skill and luck. 25 cards will be dealt to you, from a specially designed 74 letter-card deck, which you have to strategically place onto your grid.
Score as many points as you can, but be careful: once a letter is placed, it cannot be moved.
Only vertical and horizontal words are allowed, but sub-words (within words) count, so try to make 5-letter words that have lots of shorter words within them. Words are checked against the integrated scrabble-style dictionary. You may be surprised at how many unusual words exist!
The maximum score for a 5-letter word (including its sub-words) is 37 points (and yes, there are many words in the dictionary worth 37 points). Words score as follows:
5 letters: 10 points
4 letters: 7 points
3 letters: 3 points
2 letter: 1 point
For example: ACIDS
This consists of: ACIDS (10) + ACID (7) + IDS (3) + ID (1)
So the score for ACIDS would be 21 points.
This is the free version. Coming soon will be a paid version that will offer a 2-player mode! Play against a friend or against the built in AI.

This is still an early release of the game: bare bones but fun. Compared to the first version (Griddle Free) Griddle Plus now provides synchronized play: play simultaneously with friends: each game started at the same time will play with the same shuffle of the deck.

Griddle was inspired by Lexicon Criss-Cross, a classic but not very well known game from the 1930s. For Griddle we designed a new deck with a more “friendly” letter distribution, and also allow sub-words; both features have a significant effect on the gameplay.

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