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Baby Tiger 3D Live Wallpaper is here!!!
Baby Tiger 3D Live Wallpaper Features

**Tiger 3D Gold Edition Now Available Realistic 3D Tiger Model!!!**

**Please read the full description before purchase**

Beautiful scrolling background, Clouds and grass move

Tiger will sit, walk, lay, and stare

Uses Open GL Tiger is a 3D model not a video

Features a day/night background based on time of the day

choose between white and normal color tiger

Options to enable walk and disable walk mode and other animations to save battery

**Please Note that Baby Tiger 3D Premium was designed for newer phones/tablets and in anticipation of upcoming devices and technology, if your phone has less than a 1000 mgh processor This wallpaper will probably not run up to standards, dual-core is recommended.

**Note on GPU's if you experience poor graphic quality it is usually due to a older or low end gpu please don't blame the wallpaper it is due to your hardware.

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