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Are you confused where you would like to have a meal or a drink together with your friends? Are you looking to explore nearby places you've never heard before? Get the application, shake the device, and get a random place nearby! Don't you like the choice? Shake it again and again until you find a place you like!

* Shake device and get a random nearby place
* Choose your range
* See basic info
* Call to make a reservation or get more information
* See venue's location on map, and get directions
* See full Foursquare info

Features to be implemented soon:
* Choose category
* Choose range on map
* See previews venues
* Login with Foursquare to get more personalized randoms based on your tastes
* Check in and let friends on Swarm see your activity!
* More detailed venue information

ShakeToGo is based on Foursquare and is on it's early development stage. Feel free to come up with new great features you would like to see, we will consider all of them!

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