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Honeycomb Timer is a professional timer tool for Android 3.0 tablets. Use this handy tool when you are reading, working, training, napping or more...

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.Tablet optimized layout
.Honeycomb optimized tools
.Multi-timer support
.Save stopwatch as timer(Plus version exclusive)
.Personalize timer with individual ringtones or mp3s
.Display elapsed time(count up)/remaining time(count down)
.Simultaneously run multi-timer
.Sort timers by label/last used time/timer length
.Build-in common used timers
.Timer control start/pause/stop/restart/ringtone/vibrate
. Quick control menu
. Snooze
. Timer log
. Share timer log via sms/email/twitter/facebook etc.
. Clear log
. Timer icon/category
. Specify a target time to count down(like alarm clock)

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- READ_PHONE_STATE: Used to obtain a unique device identifier.

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