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MapMyDoctor provides personalized mHealth solutions in real time, for Emergencies, Pre & Post- Hospital Care, Ambulance Services, Doctor’s Appointments, Medical Records, Questions about Health and Fitness, Blogs, Medical News and Events. Communicate with Doctors using MMD Chat platform. Post a Feedback, Select Favorites, Like and Share your best Doctors and be engaged with your health, ‘On The Go’. MMD provides connected healthcare services to the Patients, Corporates and Medical Tourists integrating Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Pathology Labs, Nursing and other Allied Health Services.

1. Emergency Services:
Now, get access to emergency medical services 24X7.
You can notify a General Physician or an Ambulance at the time of medical emergency within seconds. All you need to do is, tap the ‘EMERGENCY BUTTON’ and a ping notification goes to the nearest available doctors IN REAL TIME!!
Doctors get a higher rating in the App for making themselves available for such emergency calls. They however have an option to Accept or Reject the call, as per their suitability.

2. Q&A:
Need a second opinion? If yes, this feature is for you.
Script your medical dilemmas, upload the supporting medical documents (reports or prescriptions) and post it to your Favorite Doctor. The Doctor gets a higher rating in the App for making himself available for such questions and also gets paid for prompt answers.

3. Chat Platform:
Wish you could interact with your Doctor even after leaving his clinic. Map My Doctor now makes it possible for you to become a member of your Doctor’s Patient Group, to send and receive ‘Chat’ notifications ONE-TO-ONE. While the doctors get an opportunity to address their patient’s concerns at their leisure, patients feel more confident and reassured. The Doctors can also build a professional network and post a conference/event notification, refer a patient to a colleague, send medical summary, all with just a click of a button.

4. Appointments:
How easy is it to find a suitable doctor and fix an appointment? Well, Map My Doctor now makes it easy for you to book an appointment with a doctor, based on your medical condition, sitting at home. You can either search your doctor by Specialty, or search the Specialty based on your Symptoms. It enables you to choose and book appointments for the best rated doctors nearest to you, 24X7. The Doctors get the complete schedule of their appointments for the day, week or month on their smart phones. Map My Doctor proves to be a virtual clinic that operates 24X7.

5. News & Events:
Get customized health news in a flash. Map My Doctor with its exclusive initiative has made it possible for you to get customized health news ‘ON THE GO…’ and stay informed. You can even benefit from our Event Notifications that are posted periodically to keep you updated about health events in your locality.

6. eHealth Records:
Have access to your health records anytime and anywhere. You can now digitalise your health related documents with MapMyDoctor. Upload, Edit or View them anytime and anywhere, send it to your Doctor as attachment with the Appointment Request and save on time and effort. Your Doctor gets to know your medical history even before you reach him. This helps him to manage your medical emergencies in a better prepared manner. He can also Upload his prescription and other relevant documents to update your medical record.

7. Best Rated Doctors:
Medical services now made more transparent, accountable and patient friendly. Map My Doctor has responded to the wish of every patient who has ever attempted to visit a healthcare facility for his medical ailment. The Doctors here are rated based on certain intricate parameters, ensuring most authentic and effective assessment of a healthcare professional. While the patients get to choose from the best rated doctors, the Doctors stand a chance to promote their practice by constantly working towards getting higher rating on Map My Doctor.

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