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The easiest and most powerful budget app around. Helps you figure out what you can safely spend right now, and all you have to enter is your current balance. Drop your tedious cashbook app and find out how easy it is to be in control of your budget!

Important: this app is 100% in English. Even though this description is in your own language. Only download this app if you understand English.

What do I get out of it?
With True-Budget, you make smarter decisions about your money because you know how much you can safely spend today. You won't hit rock bottom again, and bouncing checks are a thing of the past.

How does that work?
It's this easy:
1. Enter your current balance
2. Find out how much you can spend today
3. Never worry about running out of money again

What does the app do?
True-Budget calculates where your balance is headed, based on your fixed incomes and expenses. It translates that into a budget for today. It also shows you which expenses are coming up soon.

Is it useful for me?
If you've been trying to record all your daily expenses, and it hasn't helped you control your budget, then True-Budget is the app for you. Don't focus on expenses in the past: see what you can safely spend today and tomorrow.

Does it support my bank?
Yes. All banks are good, because True-Budget does not connect to your account. So: no logins, no connection problems, no privacy issues. The only data this app needs is your recurring incomes and expenses. You only enter those once.

Is it really free?
Yes. If you have one income, and up to ten recurring expenses, and all of those are monthly and without a start or end, then True-Budget is entirely free. We only ask a price for the special features: those were hardest to develop, and they offer you the biggest benefits.

What are the paid features?
True-Budget really proves its worth if you have multiple incomes, many expenses, non-monthly patterns, one-off expenses, and items that only apply for a few weeks or months. These are the premium features that cost either $1 or $2. For a full list, scroll down to the bottom.

Can I reserve money with this app?
Yes, we've designed some premium features that help you stay away from rock bottom: you can tell True-Budget to plan for a minimum balance that's higher than zero; you can tell it to reserve a 'petty cash' amount for every day up to your next income.

What if my incomes and expenses change a lot?
We have one very special feature that projects your balance over a year into the future, so it can see if there are unexpected deficits coming up. If it finds them, it corrects your true budget so that you basically start saving today to stay out of trouble.

Is this app for everyone?
No. You need to have regular income and regular expenses, True-Budget does not balance your checkbook or let you record today's expenses. Warning to freelancers: you're better off using another app. Try "Your Daily Budget 2".

What are the alternatives?
There are many cashbook apps for Android. Solid ones are EasyMoney, Easy Envelope, Expense Manager, Money Lover, and Cashbook. These apps allow you to enter your expenses, so that you can keep track of them.

Why does True-Budget not work that way?
Keeping track of your expenses teaches you about the past. Okay, sure. But that won't help you make smart decisions for today and tomorrow. We believe that where you are heading is more important than where you came from.

$ 2,- features
+ feature: Multiple incomes
+ feature package:
--- Advanced periods: every week / two weeks / four weeks
--- Advanced periods: every month / two months / quartlery
--- Advanced periods: once-only / yearly / twice a year
--- Start and end dates

$1,- features
+ feature: Prevent deficits over a year into the futrue
+ feature package:
--- Add unlimited expenses (free limit is 10 expenses)
--- Set minimum balance
--- Daily spending

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