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Attendance Calculator: Calculate: Bunk | Attend.

Attendance calculation is something most of dread and some of us love. But, no matter what you feel about it, Attendance calculation is something every student must do at some point in his academic life! So whether you are sitting in the class, bored & contemplating if you can afford to miss the next hour, or running late for class and thinking if it's alright to miss the lecture rather than bear the teacher's embarrassing comments, or if you are one of those who is too proud of your attendance in class and you just want to flaunt, this Attendance Calculator app is perfect for you.

Find out where you stand in life, or rather in class - Bunked too many classes? Beyond any hope? So much attendance that you can actually give away some? Just about made it? Have enough to take a couple of days off? All of these and more!

Attendance Calculator was developed by fellow-students tired of calculating how many days they could bunk or attend to maintain the attendance percentage. The tool gives you the option to enter your desired percentage. This could be the percentage required by your college or just a percentage you wish to maintain.

Here's an app that has a mind of its own and that takes no nonsense. It will put you in your place. Don't believe us? Go ahead and give our tool a spin!

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