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Body Mass Index (BMI) – It is a height to weight ratio which helps you determine whether you are underweight, overweight, normal, or obese for your height.
With this BMI Calculator, you can calculate your Body Mass Index. By keying in your height and weight, you get your Body Mass Index which is categorized into different ranges depending on whether you are underweight, overweight, obese, or normal for your height. With a simple user interface and four metrics for height (cm, m, feet, inches) and two for weight (kg, pounds), you have your BMI at your fingertips. This basically means that whatever metrics you want to use to key in your height and weight, we have all the options. With the BMI ranges provided for different classifications, it gives you an idea of which range your BMI falls into.
Along with calculating your current BMI, this BMI calculator provides you suggestions on how to increase or decrease your BMI based on the BMI range you fall into. The other striking feature of this app is the exact value in terms of weight which you should attain in order to fall within a healthy BMI range. Also, this app gives you the right BMI for the inputs provided, apart from mentioning the normal BMI range.