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If you own or manage Facebook pages, you know the hassles of manually calculating the engagement rate of various posts, isn't it? Or say, you wish to up your game by calculating a competitor page's engagement rate. We have created the perfect solution which will help you in both instances - the Facebook Engagement Rate Calculator.

For any post whose engagement rate you wish to calculate, all you have to do is input the following values - number of likes, number of comments, and the number of shares. Once you key in the inputs, you will be asked if you wish to get the engagement rate calculated based on number of fans or the reach.

Depending on which parameter you want the engagement rate to be calculated, you will be asked further inputs. For calculation of engagement rate based on reach, you will be asked the post reach. When you need to calculate the engagement rate based on the number of fans, you will be asked the number of fans at the time of publishing the post.

The Facebook Engagement Rate Calculator app has been designed keeping in line with Google's latest material design principles. The app is not just a visual treat for the user, but also works seamlessly on your Android device without any issues.

Well folks, that's all there is to the Facebook Engagement Rate Calculator. So, go on, download the app and let us know how it has eased your work of tracking the engagement of various posts on the Facebook pages you manage!