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About The Art of Health

Are you tired of guessing what really helps you achieve your goals?

If so, download The Art of Health Coaching app now! This app will help you reach your fitness goals in the long-term. How? With nutrition feedback from your The Art of Health coach, which is 100% personalized to you.

Why The Art of Health?
• Nutrition coaching based on the The Art of Health philosophy. Together, we identify and transform your untapped physical & mental potential and transform it together. Since the coach is based on AI (artificial intelligence), it consistently learns more from your feedback and thereby steers your weight in your desired direction
• Choose your goal: fat loss, building muscle / boosting your metabolism or maintaining your current weight
• Receive customized calorie and macronutrient targets
• Weekly check-ins with direct personalized feedback
• A specially developed algorithm that builds on recent scientific research
• Use the health journal to track your progress in terms of health data such as weight, sleep, stress level, digestion and ovulation
• Learn more about which factors influence your weight and how they are related to your performance and well-being
• Reach your aesthetic, performance and health goals

We strongly believe that everyone possesses a huge physical and mental potential that remains untapped. Our vision is to help you recognize this potential and make full use of it. We support you during your transformation and reach the best health and life quality possible together. Why can we do this? We developed an algorithm called The Art of Health app that makes personalized decisions for you based on scientific evidence. This algorithm takes into account your personal health factors such as sleep, stress level, energy & performance and hormonal changes and provides you with weekly adjustments such as adaptations of your calorie intake.
It's time to unlock your potential. Let’s start together now: download the The Art of Health app.

Subscriptions & Terms of Use

The download the The Art Of Health app are free of charge. By subscribing you can receive personalized feedback from the coach as well as constant adjustments to your calorie intake available via the app.

We offer 3 subscription options: 3, 6 & 12 months.

Your subscription will automatically renew if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. You can manage your subscription and disable auto-renewal in the Apple/Playstore account settings. After your initial purchase, you have the right to cancel your subscription within 14 days. By purchasing, you agree to the Terms and Conditions ( and Privacy Policy

Get in touch via support@the-art-of-health and keep us up to date on your journey!

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