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Here is first ever Island Defender Helicopter game on Google Play with real 3D graphics. Enemies have attacked on your territory with biplane, fighters, anti-aircraft gun, tanks and armored cars. They are very cruel, harsh and traumatic, can destroy your state in few seconds if you don’t move to stop them.

Enemy is racing towards you to blast your gunship battle helicopter; fighter gunship helicopters are battling for control over airspace; attacking aircraft are engaging in close air support against ground targets; the copters are flying against the buildings and nearby land targets; gliders, helicopters super boss tankers are assaulting your land. Its time to bombard and destroy enemy’s helicopter, fighters and tanks. Your enemies are well trained, equipped with heavy weapons and brutal. There are number of ways to stop enemy’s forces.

This is a huge exam of your fighting skills, how you stop enemy’s forces, to save your territory and innocent inhabitants. Two types of helicopter you have. You need to take charge to protect your base and rescue the civilian lands. Gunner troop missiles are fired to hit you! Ride in your Sky Copter and hit targets to finish this reign of terror. It is your ultimate duty to save your homeland! Fight for Honor, Dignity and Victory!!

Enemy Forces have attacked on your area with fighters, anti-aircraft gun, tanks and armored vehicles. You have fighters, have to defend your territory and have to rescue your people.
You have to clear level to unlock next level.

Game Features:-
- There are 10 attractive levels with different ideas.
- Real 3D graphics and easy to control.
- Real sounds and animation of fighters, helicopter and anti-aircraft gun.
- No connectivity required while playing.
- There are four different environment which load automatically in game play.
- Very fast attack from enemies with rocket and canon.
- Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission.
- Mass Destruction Aerial Attacks.
- Equip your Copter with Rocket Pods, Cannons and Missiles!
- Efficient weapon controls & movement.

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