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Rangers in Karachi, no more space for enemy forces, kill them all.
Karachi is the largest and most populous metropolitan city of Pakistan. It is the 2nd largest city of the world by population and financial center of the country. Since last 15 years, some enemy forces and extremist are active to ruin the peace and progress for the people of this city. Large no of families have migrated to other city and so many businessmen have left away from this country.

Armed forces of this county took charge of this city in which rangers is on top, no discrimination operation is started by Pak Army to control the law and order situation.

A special group is trained to fight and eliminate the enemy forces and you are leading you team because of good strategy and sharp in fighting. You have to be attentive, use best intelligence support about the where about of enemy forces and start killing and shooting with snipers.
Remember; the best sniper is one who aim and shoot and kill the enemy with single shot. The kill shot is very important for a sniper commando who is on strike in the battle area.

Game play for Karachi Operation:-

You have got an intelligence report about enemy forces residence, you are going to raid and eliminate all enemies from that area. You got a modern sniper rifle to kill enemy standing on the gate of the building. The enemies have took positions in the bankers on roof of all high rise buildings of the city to have better control. They have got support on ground. Once the gate is clear you have will have to kill standing on the tower as your commanding point.

The sniper shooters will clear one by one the gate and all the check points of the building buildings where the enemy forces have taken positions.

Features of Game:-
- Easy and user friendly GUI and control.
- Realistic sounds of weapons.
- A brilliant story line that will keep you playing for hours.
- Beautiful and eye catching graphics.
- No connectivity required while playing.
- Addictive, loving & Full of fun.
- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) Controller.
- GPS is available to find enemies location.

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