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Classic zigzag ball combines fast-paced game play with a carefully selected soundtrack to create an experience like no other. Featuring different worlds of increasing difficulty, each one paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions.

If you want to really like arcade games then we present you an awesome game that will relax your mind while playing this top free lite ball. Arcade is a category that is loved by kids, women and mostly every one want to play it. It’s a simple rolling ball game that move in zigzag. When you play this you will see it dancing ball. Princess of the state like to play this type of super sonic dash game.

Come on! test your reflexes and rhythm skills, See the surprises and wonders every level holds for you. Don’t be angry when you knock down from this super zigzag lite ball game. Run as fast as you can to get more and more score. There are different color of tiles in this game like blue, pink, green, red, yellow and you can switch from one subway step to another. Gaming is really fever and virus for especially kids.

Game rules:
Guide an ever-growing Line through a multiple of environments, listening carefully to the music. Tap the screen to make a sharp turn, avoiding obstacles and reacting to the World changing before your eyes. You have to collect pink diamonds in this top super zigzag lite ball. Beat your friends to get maximum score in this world subway surfer game.

super zigzag lite ball Features:-
1. Original background music;
2. Endless game of increasing difficulty with their own stories;
3. Very simple practice mode with only one finger tap;
4. Music is the key to guide you;
5. Realistic model of diamonds and tiles
6. Try to avoid fall down from sky.
7. Really awesome brick breaker animations.
8. Crazy and xtreme tip tap bounce game.
9. Smooth and user friendly control
10. No connectivity required while playing

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