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Hair clipper app is a false hair clipper is not only an application of razor! This is the fake hair clipper that you will never regret it after you install!
Set the mood and joy in the lives of your friends by pretending to shave the hair really! Hair clipper prank is a free application, available and compatible with your Android devices.
Fake hair clippers is simple to use, offering a razor cut which seems realistic with real hair clipper sounds
Use the application easily, press on it and sound effects will start playing automatically.
This is the ultimate prank, come to transform your smartphone into a device joke razor real hair, specially dedicated to lovers of farce!
Fake hair clipper is one of the best and most realistic applications of its kind in its industry and ideal for lovers of jokes and jokes, entertaining children for simulating real hair clippers, saying mower or razor.
shaver app has a strong vibration to be able to imitate a real mower, and look like a real hair clipper.

- You have just to put the mower by pushing it, it will start to vibrate automatically (if it does not make enough noise, just try increasing the volume of your device).
- For stuffing lovers you just put the screen of the device near the head of your victim and the sound of your instrument will change, creating the illusion that you really are about to cut his hair.
- And if you ever want to stop this joke, simply touch the screen again and to stop the mower, and here's your cut is finished. (It'll make a direct change of the image of the mower to show you that now the tension is off).
Do you like jokes? you are stuffing lovers? you want to make your family friendly and unforgettable moments of the times? It's now or never to spend beautiful moments with all who are dear to you, the Hair Clipper Prank give you the opportunity at any time with lots of fun and a whole new joke experience using the new features of new technologies smartphones ...
This app will always be updated on a regular basis made to bring you a more realistic and satisfactory experience possible.
Have fun throughout a stressful day, now possible with Hair Clipper Prank! Your razor technology and personal digital on Android, a lawnmower on your smart device! it is certainly easy!
Use it like a real shaver to your jokes, Hair Clipper Prank is a free application and available on Android.
A proximity sensor is programmed to live a more realistic and fun experience.


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