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The fever thermometer is an intelligent application can be installed now on your smartphone. the application is to put you on the level to keep in touch with your health condition with a fun way.
This is the most accurate monitor temperature level for any Smartphone funniest result and you will not need an external hardware to take advantage of this application.
Use your finger bulb temperature sensor to reassure your health press well with your index finger to properly monitor your fever just funny with that tool and this fun trick.
For precise and correct reading just hold your finger on the fingerprint reader correctly and consistently, and do not move your finger on another part of the screen until the measurement is complete.
breathe normally! we must bear in mind that the misuse of the application will result in a false reading and later a false result. Keep the idea that this application reflects a fun-filled result to keep the habit of following your body condition.
the application can be used at any time and in any place when you need to check the temperature of your body, it is still available on your smartphone at any time. It can give you alert to attention as if your condition can make you laugh with the results.
You can enjoy using the application to track your status and that of your friends and family, and create a fun and de-stressing climate.
although we are aware of the fun subject of this application, we'll enjoy it and play a little bit while keeping the habit to control our health and well being.
Come on... Let us install it, try it, and enjoy it for sure.
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