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Finally and with the BMI calculator, you have the freedom to follow calculates your body mass index every day, and waist-to-height, percentage of body fat or even calorie consumption namely the BMR and PAL has set to reach your ideal weight is based on two axes of age and sex, both weight loss is now possible with the BMI calculator.

The BMI test is the best tip that can be worn easily and to find what is named the best healthy weight in case you want to lose weight or you want to be on a diet line.

- BMI meter calculates for each 7 years and older
- The index of the metric and imperial systems are supported
- The BMI calculator can introduce an optional savings last entered values

Note well:
• BMI - body mass index: it is the body weight divided by the square of height.
It communicates only a rough guide because BMI does not take into account a person or build the composition of the body mass.

• WHTR - waist-to-height ratio: given the waist circumference divided by height.
It measures abdominal obesity and can therefore be used as a better indicator measuring health risks than BMI.

• Body Fat Percentage: defined as the weight of fat, divided by the total weight.
An estimated value to the US Navy circumference method, which uses mainly the height and contour of the waist, neck and hip.

• Consumer spending energy / Calorie: more particularly the amount of internal heat (basal metabolic rate estimated by mifflin St Jeor equation) and external work (physical activity).

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