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Goal Do Plus (GoalD +) is a short, medium and long term goals manager.

Detailed description :
By goal, we mean task, objective, exam, meeting, workout, etc.

This goal setting app is used to getting things done, refocus your goals, with recurring alarms for tracking, and more:

All the goals added can be ordered by date or importance.

So, you can do the most urgent tasks before the others, and the most important ones first.

GoalD+ is designed for those who have a busy schedule, and always end up forgetting everything. For example: students with multiple courses and projects at the same time, ending up forgetting dates, or never do their own projects by mismanagement of their time.

In fact, GoalD+ can simply be used as a todo list of things to do, but there is much more that can be done: a classification of todos, notifications to remind you of things you have to do, while reminding you of the rewards associated to motivate you.

In addition, GoalD+ can handle longer-term goals, divide them into sub-goals and track progress in a measurable way.

To summarize, you can:

- Add goals and classify them in pre-defined categories (Personal, Training), or defined by you.

- Divide a goal into sub-goals if it is too long.

- See quick goals classified in the order that you have in mind.

- Send notifications to remind you to make short-term tasks, and remember to divide the too big or too long goals, tasks or projects.

- View the progress of a long-term goal or a sub-goal.

Also, the training category can be used to make your own fitness workout, with duration, repetitions, pause feature, and it can be spelled-out by your android device, too.

Now, go and get things done!

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