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StudyNWalk Japanese Beginner JLPT N3 Flashcards. Learn Fast!

Learn absolutely anywhere you can use your mobile phone or device! You can even Learn whilst walking! You can even add your own words or phrases to learn from! (more below)

Imagine using your time sitting on the bus or train learning a new language. But when you get off and walk to your destination, you can continue studying!

Combine exercise and learning in a convenient and easy to use package, straight from your mobile device.

JLPT (Japanese Learning Proficiency Test) is the International standard for Japanese learning assessment. This app teaches JLPT N3 vocabulary to give continue your learning and efficiency at the Japanese Language.

StudyNWalk Japanese (JLPT N3) contains 18 Courses with a total of 1962 different words for a total of 9810 flashcards, each with Japanese Text and Voice.

A Translation Dictionary is also included to help find words at any time.

StudyNWalk uses an SRS-FlashCard system to teach words. Each new word starts with a "Question". Think of the answer. Then swipe down to confirm. Swipe Right if you knew the answer correctly, or Swipe Left if not. Unknown words will be repeated more frequently until you learn them.

Swipe Interface
A new Swipe interface has been introduced to make using the app even easier when not looking at the screen.
Walking mode / Normal mode

Each Deck of words contains two methods of learning. Walking mode is great when you can't always look at the phone screen. Use your earphones to listen to the words being spoken. The buttons on screen can be easily pressed without looking at the screen.

Normal mode provides a deeper level of learning, using voice and text together. Use this if you can look at the screen.

You can switch between the two modes instantly by pressing SWITCH. Imagine you are on the train, you can use Normal mode. But you can still continue learning after stepping off the train and walking to your destination, by switching to Walking mode.

Add Course Feature
Create a CSV file (TAB Separated) from a Spreadsheet of words in Excel or Google Docs Spreadsheet, copy on to your mobile phone SD-CARD or internal memory, then tell StudyNWalk which columns are the Local Language and Foreign Language. StudyNWalk will download the voice translations automatically. This limited to 100 words in this version.

Feedback gratefully appreciated! I'm looking to improve this app to make this a more effective study aid