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About Al'Quran Bahasa Indonesia

Al-Quran in Indonesian

- Reading the Koran in Indonesian
- Color tajwid to help read and recite the Koran! (Only first 2 surahs available in Free Version)
- (New) Read a selection of verses on many topics covered in the Quran.
- Resume reading from the last verse read with one click!
- Prayer reminder: subscribe to prayer times reminders according to your location. Automatic installation available.
- There is a settings section for easy configuration of the application.
- Swipe from left to right to go to the previous surah, or from right to left to go to the next surah.
- New design with ActionBar!
- Copy verses to clipboard.
- Resume audio sura playback of any verse.
- Browse suras, chapters, and verses.
- Search by clicking the search icon. You can search the entire Qur'an, chapters or any surah.
- Long click on a verse will add it to favorites, share it on social media or messaging apps, or attach a note to that verse.
- Listen to Arabic recitation in each surah.
- Audio Manager makes it easy to download or delete readings.
- Notes section: read your entire notes at once.

Free version limitations

* (New) The color of the Tajweed is only two surahs.
* The search function displays only the first 50 results.
* You can only add up to 5 favorites.
* Ads are not intrusive.
* Surah audio download one by one

Special features of the Advanced version

* (New) Colors of Tajweed in all 114 surahs.
* Can choose one of three contrast modes for comfortable reading: standard, green, or black and white.
* Read Quran in portrait or landscape mode.
* Search results are displayed in full.
* Unlimited number of favorites.
* No ads.
* Speed ​​increase.
* Download whole reading with one click.

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