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For thousands of years, the ancient sages wondered if our facial features could determine our fate or personality. They began to compile individual studies, one feature at a time, to see if there was a direct correlation between facial features and specific fates. In ancient Greece, Aristotle wrote extensively on physiognomy categorizing his findings into six chapters that included physical characteristics of face, body & voice.

In the 21st century face reading has emerged as a guide in psychoanalysis or, as a tool for a competitive edge in the executive boardrooms of corporate America. It is no longer a parlor game. The continues interest in face reading has given credence to an art that the Chinese have always known has been an important guide in human understanding.

Characteristics like honesty, intelligence and reliability are major attributes that we all seek in others and ourselves. Face reading will immediately offer you valuable information about human beings. You can begin practicing face reading by observing friends, family members and work colleagues.

Face reading gives you insights into your own and others' character through an understanding of what their facial features reveal. See whether you recognize any of the character traits in yourself or others

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