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Help me help you: I'm looking to improve Mail Tap and need your help. Please email me comments and suggestions on how to make it better.

The Keyboard They Tried To Ban!!!

Tap into the future of productivity with GMail Tap for Android. Double your typing speed with this revolutionary new keyboard.

Supports punctuation!

As an added bonus we have designed this version of GMail Tap to be multi-lingual from the get go. If your alphabet has an 'a' and a 'z' we're the keyboard of preference for you! Multi-bueno!

To use you will need to enable the keyboard from the Settings menu under the 'Language and Input' area. Then you will have to set as the active keyboard either by long pressing an input area and selecting 'Select input method' or via the "Select input method" item in your notification bar.


- Shift: We've bought you the entire range of upper and lower case characters

- Reference guide: A handy crib sheet for those of you not so up on your morse yet

- Two keys: dash and dot

- Space bar: added to increase typing speeds

- Ship to shore mode: activates your phone's flash to communicate with other power users across an ocean (of people)

- Sounds: enjoy a fully immersive typing environment

- Full morse support: now you can send email, write code and communicate with friends in foreign languages!

Coming Soon

- Table tap: microphone enabled off screen tapping

Please help with translations if you can, I'm pretty sure they're wrong! Email me if you want to contribute

Warning: for users with strong lock-screen passwords - make sure you are familiar with this new exciting out-of-this-world classical input method before locking your phone!

Update Log

0.6 alpha
- Added iambic mode
- Added speed change dialog in preferences
0.5 alpha
- Fixed the Morse Flasher
- Tweaked keyboard layout
0.4 alpha
- You wanted character case support - it's in!
- In-line predictive character suggestions as you type
- A reference guide - with all supported characters
- You asked for it (I think) now supports the Wuban character set
- More translations

0.3 alpha
- Ship to shore mode now integrated - activates your phone's flash to communicate with other power users across an ocean (of people)
- Bigger icons on the buttons
- Some translation updates

Quick Stats

6 years

since last update