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Welcome to Galaxy Ball

Galaxy Ball is an addictive 2D platform game. It's simple and fun and can be played on the train, on the toilet or on the bus. Galaxy Ball is a game that incoporates real time gravity and collision physics. Navigate your ball around a space station construction site and complete the objectives, boost your score by collecting space balls on the way. During your mission you will have to deal with Alien UFOs and black holes but you can get revenge by destroying their space structures along the way.

How To Play:

Use the left and right buttons to control the Galaxy Ball. Tapping the buttons will increase the height and velocity of the ball, similar to Flappy Bird. Use the central button to stop the ball in it's track. Collect the trapped Galaxy Balls and press the buttons to unlock the exit lasers. Complete each level to unlock the next one. Be careful, you only have a limited amount of time to complete each space level.


2 Level Packs (Junk Yard and Mars)
30 levels (20 with free version)
Loads of game features

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