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-- NOTICE --
This application does not work on some devices, as far as I know, Samsung S4, S5, Note4 and etc using ART runtime.

Prevent the accidental calls.
Added Video Call Confirm (See notice)

- Call
- Video Call
- Dialog / Glow Pad / Lock Pattern, 3 type popups

*** NOTICE ***
* This APP doesn't work on every devieces so may not work on your device.

* Tested and verified HD Voice / Video Call on
- Samsung Galaxy S (SHW-M110S), Galaxy Note (SHV-E160S)
- Pantech Vega Racer2 (IM-A830K), Vega R3 (IM-A850K), Vega IRON (IM-A870S), Vega LTE-A (IM-A880S)
- LG Optimus GK (LG-F220K)

* Does not support Emergency Call (ex. 911)

* May not work Call / Video Call with the newest LG smartphones and roms. (ex. Vu2 - newest rom, G3 and so on)

** Used Open Source **

- GlowPadView

- LockPatternView

- ViewPagerIndicator

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2 years

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