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Welcome to Address Finder. A app with a unique concept designed to make your life easier. Now find and remember locations with ease with our unique system of tagging the geo location. Now search difficult Address names important to you with ease by giving the address a tag name including a photo(optional).
Our tags are divided into 6 categories, "Home","Family","Bussiness","Hospital","Friend","Other" etc. So create them in any category and remember them by giving a unique name based on your choice.
Each category has a unique color marker.

Our app is divided into two modules,

1) Manage Section
In this section you can create a new tag by clicking on the map , search for the location on the map by using our search bar and by using your current location.
You can view and edit your previously created tag details.
You can add/edit photo in your tag details (this is optional).
View your favourite tags using our favourite button.

In our view list feature there is a share button (social media + sms) to send your tag details to your friends. This share button will send your tag location details to your friends along with the directions to come to that place from his current location.

e.g Suppose you have a party at your place at 9PM, you can mention the date , event details before sharing the tag details, your friend will have all the details he needs to come to your place along with the directions.

2) Search Section

Search the tags by Name, Category etc.

View tags nearby to your current address and by place , this feature is added to make things easier for you inorder to get directions to your destination incase you are lost. We also have a direction button in these modes (Current Location and Place Name) to give you directions to go to your tagged location.

e.g Suppose "Anisha is staying at 190 Landis Cir , she has tagged this address with tag name "#FAAnishaHome". Now suppose she is at 220 Landis Cir and lost her way home, she can use our current location feature or place name feature, this feature will give all tags within a certain buffer radius(buffer dropdown present in this mode). Clicking on the right tag will show a directions button which will launch the directions application on the device.

Now enjoy our app and never get lost again.

Note: Requires internet to load map and show map markers accurately.
We do not store any user data on our servers, this app is for private use only.

Any doubts on app functionality drop a email to us at