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What tools will you use? - Can you use any type of container? -What about holders? bases? - What are the best ways to use your materials?
There are only a few essential tools for your new hobby.
Sharp knife - Preferably a pocket knife for safety purposes. It should be kept sharpened at all times.
Flower shears - Choose a pair which you can use with the least effort. Not too heavy, not too light.
Pruning shears - These are used in the arrangement of thick, woody
stems and branches.
Wire Cutters
Household shears
While thumbing through the illustrations in this volume, you will find a number of suitable containers. These may be purchased at your neighborhood shops or found in the attic or basement. Its fun discovering how many vessels of all shapes and sizes can be adapted to flower arrangement.
For design purposes, we will put containers into four categories.
1 - Square
2 - Horizontal
3 - Vertical
4 - Complex
Always keep in mind that the container is there for two reasons; one is to hold the arrangement; the other is to beautify it. It must never detract from or over power the design. The vessel for your arrangement must always be more subdued in tone and less complex in shape than the rest of the composition.
Ideal vase colors are white, subdued greens, browns, tints and shades. (Refer to the previous chapter on color.)

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