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For most of us our garden is our own private refuge, a place where we can satisfy our need for beauty, tranquillity and personal achievement. The garden provides a link with nature, a balance and harmony of the living world. Each garden is an entity, created from its share of the sun and rain and the qualities of the soil, with its own unique character.
The majority of plants we grow today have been brought from far-flung regions of the world, giving us variety and the opportunity to experience growing different species than those found locally. Many native species are cultivated to improve appearance and stamina, strengthening their immune system to resist pestilence and predators, creating larger flowers with better form, colour and features and give longer flowering periods. However, those people with an interest in cultivating plants which are extremely tender to the area where they garden, must go to some lengths to enable their choice of plants to flourish and must give them winter protection.

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