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Do you have what it takes to become a business tycoon in the dog eat dog world of the emerging marijuana industry?

Don't waste your time with all the knock off versions. This is the true original Weed Tycoon series. There is nothing like the OG.

In Weed Tycoon 2, you are a budtrepreneur attempting to take over the marijuana industry in Hemptown, as you run illegal underground businesses out of town. You are approached by the Mayor to open a legal dispensary on a trial basis to see how marijuana legalization can positively effect a starving economy. You spread your business amongst 3 maps and numerous different marijuana businesses, as you pay taxes that help revitalize Hemptown's economy. Eventually, the Mayor's greed consumes him as he demands "campaign contributions" to keep him on your side. Because you don't fall for the extortion, he begins to over tax your industry to bring back the black market, which is willing to pay him under the table. You must run for Mayor to push the corruption out for good, as you become a Weed Tycoon!

Game Features:
-Play on 3 different maps.
-Manage a weed Store that is customizable with furniture.
-Manage 3 farms including an indoor growhouse. Care for the crops to produce better yields and higher quality strains that sell for better prices.
-Operate a joint dispensary Pot Van and a vending dispensary Pot Box.
-Bake edibles in your Bakery.
-Play through 4 different mini games to unlock furniture, strains, rep, money, and storage space.
-Manage your upkeep and pay your bills on time or pay penalty fees.
-Collect from customers as you take control of a map.

You are in control of your weed destiny!

Go PRO for numerous perks including:
-No Ads
-Limitless Gameplay
-Auto Bill Pay
-Mass Coin Collection
-2x Day Speed Option
-Instant Farm Swap
-And More!

Do you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to contact me at MaryJanesAppsAndGames@gmail.com

This isn't just another one of those firm games. This isn't the cheesy farm or dull gameplay. This is the true OG of the marijuana tycoon games. Don't waste your time with second best.

This is the one marijuana game you want and need. It has all your 420 favorites such as: pot shops, marijuana farms, ganja bakeries, weed delivery and more. The legal fresh skunky smell of your favorite pot strains almost jump off your phone. Be prepared to be all ganja 'd out. You will become the King of marijuana, the Sultan of ganja, the Master of pot, the lord of weed. Good luck to you on your quest to become a Weed Tycoon!

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