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The ultimate lighting application takes full benefit of your
device LED flashlight.The brightest, fastest, FREE flashlight
and most handy flashlight you will ever have!
One that you will never forget to bring when you want it most!
Besides, it is designed to support all android Smart phone and
simply uses the camera SUPER LED TORCH & FLASHLIGHT.

Once You went on a trip you got lost it was night you used
Super Led Torch & Flashlight i search my mates.The light is
plenty bright enough but it stay on after lock your device.
Every apps show this dimension that when device is ON then
Flashlight ON,other way Super Led Torch & Flashlight is
sleep then flashlight is ON and This app h've four button
to ON,Dimmer,Automatic ON and OFF and ON with Brightness.
Excellent to have especially when getting from house
to car is a walk away in dark. delightful!
In every flashlight turns your phone's LED light on
and off with the tap of a button,and stays on till you
turn it off, unlike other flashlight apps I've used that
time out after a minute but Super Led Torch & Flashlight
stay 3 minute.Be prepared for emergency situations with
additional plugins like the Warning lights and Strobe,
Morse, Blinking lights.As a user I normally use Super
Led Torch& Flashlight.There are times however where
I run out of battery life and have turned ON of this app.

With the most Luxury design and the fastest
startup,it definitely out runs a real Super Led
Torch & Flash light.It sound quite expensive, it's
totally FREE! Get your own LEd flashlight now.
What‘s more, it is better than a free app that
gives you a free bright light at night with the
brightest Super Led Torch & Flashlight and strobe
using just your Led camera flashlight? Light your
torch now! It may not be a free game,but it's one
of the best fre flashlight apps ever!

Super Led Torch & Flashlight - Guaranteed!

Turns ON all available lights on the device.

Camera Super Torch LED at Maximum.

Screen at Bright Maximum.

Keyboard Backlight at Maximum.

Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum.

Notification LED at Maximum.

Automatic Timer Exits Application after 3 Minutes.

Audio Effects ON Start and OFF.

Easy-to-use ON/OFF on-screen three button.

Fun power up/power down effects.

Brightest LED Flashlight instantly ON.

Auto-ON light mode when LED flashlight app launched.

Clean and realistic high-tech design resembles Flashlight.

Button outline color changes when light is ON.

Straight forward LED flashlight/torch/light.

Use for the brightest,most reliable light to search
in your device.

Elegant design.Energy saving.

Super Led Torch & Flashlight effect .

Clear and modern design.


Camera Super LED flashlight
Use Super Led Torch & Flashlight
as a light source.
LED flashlight. Screen flashlight
Use screen as a light source.
The brightest illuminator ever
Super LED flashlight 2017
Speacial light For dark even.
Stable light or flashing, strobe
Fully secure and privacy for you
Enjoy the Super Led Torch & Flashlight
LED Torch (Flashlight)
You can change colors and brightness.
Color flashlight. Transparent flashlight:
‘Camera + LED flashlight’ enables you to see
even the dark and narrow space like under
the furniture.Screen light.
Brightness Led flashlight for your device
Free Led Torch Flashlight app and easy to used.

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