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Police Chase 3D : Crime City

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** Get ready to experience the fighting of commandos on crime city scene police chase**

no police chase any more here we come with commando chase criminals,
no more crimes in the city.
no more gangsters wandering in the city.
no more street crime.

kill all gangsters and rescue people especially kidnapped dr. louis with your special forces before gangsters kill him. gangsters may throw dr. in their personal prison either in Russia or in Miami.

Bring the power of gaming to your android devices with this revolutionary fighting and chasing game. with the single warrior commando prove yourself as great fighter against crime by chasing and killing criminals .

Challenge your friends
Download this stunning 3D game and share your experience with your friends. kill assassin criminals to earn more and rank higher among your friends.

Commandos are the best and elite army guys, they can be trusted to protect your integrity, your homeland and they uphold the law. Commando Release Operation is the saga of such Commando who has vowed to protect and serve his nation in times of crises and threat. The threat is imminent now as a terrorist group has kidnapped many important citizen of the community including doctors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and scientist etc. they have also hijacked a building in a secluded area which is their base of operations.
Any time such a crises took place this Commando is called for duty and he does what he does best eliminate the threat and neutralize the situation. In this Commando Release Operation you will be simulating such commando and will infiltrate the compound of insurgents and terrorists and rescue hostages one by one. Don’t let these innocents die on your watch soldier. Keep them safe and eliminate all the evil that has befallen on your homeland.
Your mission is as simple as eliminating the terrorists and rescue captives and hostages from their imprisonment.The mission is critical in a sense that if your team enter head on from frontline and try to take the compound the insurgents will kill all the hostages as they believe they are martyrs and their doings are just awesome .enjoy commando games and nlow the head of terrorists.

in-app purchase
Earn more to unlock new guns and weapons like a machine-gun to unleash a hail of bullets.

• Stimulating action Missions
• Unlimited in arsenal
• Infraredmap for guideline
• 3D splendid graphics
• Simple controls- easy to play
• Addictive and Realistic gameplay
• Striking sound effects

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