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Hungry Blue shark revenge is amazing simulator game for boys and girls. Sharks are the most deadly sea predator.This deadliest ocean monster creature is always hungry for hunting more food,human, whale or fishes it can get. Blue sharks are very popular for deadliest killing and hunger attitude, monster sharp teeth and wieldy jaws attack. Sharks are always angry and even attacks on white are blue sharks, whales, fishes, snakes, octopus and land animals like, tiger,lion,bull,monkey, beer,and birds also. Use hungry blue shark dash air attack to damage a big yate,boat and ship. They are real mighty king of sea.When shark comes to revenge they are very dangerous and crazy.

Human hunters are boating over surface to kill this sea monster with modern weapons make them scare with your jump attack without any mercy.

Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 3D offers you 10 missions for brutal hunting like great tiger shark. Swim as furious shark wreck the ships with this monster fish species. Scare small fish and make them your tasty meal. Collect hearts in the deep ocean to maintain your life and health bar. Play as crazy evil carnivore in Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 3D amazing simulation game in your android phone and tablets.Get bonus for taking revenge.A hunter is saving people by shooting on shark but you have to survive.

Hungry Blue shark revenge is a great simulator 3d game in which you can play as a monster sea creature life. People are relaxing on island, beach and harbor.Some are swimming and using gadgets kill them and get food and energy.Remember blue shark is sea king and rule as you like. Control your angry shark with smooth simulator controls and play in real open sea.

Avoid shooting from sea guards which are protecting island and beach from monster and mighty shark.Its time to take your possible revenge and hunt all which is coming in your kingdom.

This simulator game is unique game for shark lovers.

Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 3d features and content.

Hungry and mighty shark to play.

Amazing 3D Environment. Beach,island and harbor.

Smooth intuitive simulator control.

Marvelous and hard missions to complete.

Realistic shark animations.

Beautiful sea water with sounds.

Play as an hungry blue,monster shark and play until you have taken revenge.

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