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You must have received post from the famous companies like DHL, FedEx and various courier services but have you ever expreinced to be post delivery driver? In this mailman deliver mail games or mail delivery transport truck games will make you forget about all post and courier service come and hold the steering of a mail delivery transport truck to deliver gifts, parcels and letter posts to the particular addresses. Play the parcel and mail delivery simulator in one of the best mail delivery games with the ultimate fun of post office postman games. Experience the realistic mailman deliver mail games and forget other ordinary mailman deliver or postman games.

Enjoy the mail supply truck in one of the best mailman delivery truck games with the ultimate fun of post office mail transport games and become the powerful business tycoon . In this gift and parcels supply truck 3D edition, you are going to experience the stress of a postman as truck driver. So experience the exclusivity in the mail truck games to forget about the common postman transport games and delivery truck games. Let’s try the TRANSPORT TRUCK: MAIL DELIVERY game that has a real delivery van to get ultimate truck transporter driver experience.
3D post, parcel and gift supply van transporter is actually a driving and parking game in which you have to drive and control box truck with a number of post, parcels and gifts loaded in it. First of all you need to load all parcels, gifts, posts and other mail in your delivery carriage truck from post office and then you have to transport and deliver it door to door to particular homes, shops , infirmary and Public factories of the city to meet the intime delivery. Your duty is to ensure not to be late in mail delivery to the city . There is no offroad or snow on the road and no policeman will stop you. You will move this heavy duty mail transporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy. So get your hands on the big transporter tank and be the king of the mail delivery transporter games. Dare yourself to become a driver of a 4x4 mail delivery truck tanker. Mail deliver transporter is waiting for the real tanker truck driver.
The super marvelous post delivery truck simulator will amuse you to make you forget other postoffice, pizza delivery or mail delivery truck games and truck transport games. Enjoy the huge mail transportation simulator if you are truck game lover. Mail truck driving simulator will make you a perfect truck driver as you need to drive and park mega sized vehicle. Come on to steer the TRANSPORT TRUCK: MAIL DELIVERY 3D.

* 3 types of driving controls (Tilt, Touch and steering)
* Realistic thrilling driving experience
* Amazing control and truck physics
* Beautiful and stunning city environment

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