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Commander get alert! Enemy infantry has started an uprising invasion in your territory. Play as army commander and defend your military bases. Use supreme strategy with heavy artillery blitz in Tank War Battle Zone 3D game. Drive war tanks and start bombing on enemy trucks, apache helicopter,humvees, drones, jeeps and military vehicles. Code Red! your troops are under heavy bombardment, engage in brutal tank war to show extreme tanks driving and bombing skills. Rise as a hero that your nation needs in warfare and storm into enemies’ stronghold.

In this tank war game storm into battle arena with artillery and soldiers to wipe out enemy troops camps. Become a part of world war simulation game play and destroy enemy military base with your weapon firepower. Fight for the glory and spare no mercy on enemy troops to clear the war zone from all kind of threats. Drive military jeep, big trucks, rocket launcher and missile vehicles. Deliver weapons and ammunition to your armed forces commandos who are in a monstrous tank war with enemy. You are driving warhead through the war field and armed terrorists want to capture it. Ensure safe approach of nuclear weapons and bomb across the battlefield and swipe aiming of the tank turret.

Your neighbor empire broke strategic alliance and making resistance on your homeland territory to plunder your land resources. Their mission is to capture and demolish your defense artillery. World leaders are doing worthless efforts to avoid major clash between super power nations. It's your mission to stop enemy movement and uprising domination with precision and destroy their infantry with extreme brutal firepower. Start bombardment at enemy's military base camps, hit bomb on their bunkers and conquer tank battle. Use powerful military arms and crush your enemies. Stop rival forces from stealing ammunition and infantry movement with blitz and fire power.

Rival soldiers crew is hiding in bunker, drive monstrous tanks and start bombing enemy hideouts with precision in this 3D tank battle game. Red alert situation; destroy enemy helicopters and drones flying over over your base camps dropping bombs. Engage to shoot down drones and helicopters with furious tanks attack. Follow complex, powerful strategy to defend your empire and become a tank hero unlike other navy,gunnes batallas,mad max,battle city and battlefield.

Battle Features 2015:

15 intense action packed and challenging tank war missions
Multiple military vehicles, drones, helicopters, jeeps and transport trucks
Attack various army base camps in desert
Stunning warzone environment and armors
Intuitive on-screen controls for easy driving and shooting
Realistic 3D graphics for real life war experience

Download Tank War Battle Zone 3D game to enjoy unlimited war of tanks and action in world of fury tanks blitz.

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