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Giddy up Equestrian! Prepare the saddle on horseback and get ready for a crazy foal ride in realistic jungle environment above hills. Play Wild Stallion Horse Simulator, newest 3D horse games to attack animals like goat, zebra and hippo. Fed with the horse games or horse riding games? download the blend of anger and wildness brand new horse simulator game 3d and show your skill in wild horse games and wild horse simulator.

Ride your foals horse in massive open world jungle which is a heaven for wildlife. Behold the mesmerizing plain meadows and thick forest with plenty of fierce animals to hunt. Deer, hippos and zebras are spread out in jungle. Attack a sheep herd and gallop your horse ride to hunt down more animals. Beware of the attacking dog as he tries to kill you with sharp claws and teeth. As a skillful jockey and experienced horse riding games guy, you learn to raise equine in hilly area with your wild stallion horse simulator game.

Steer clear or Gallop into a world filled with exciting wild stallion horse adventures and scavenge massive greenland to hunt for food. Jump over hurdles as a skilled horse riding games man and smash into wood boxes and oil barrels to satisfy your hunger, thirst and maintain your health You played as a farmer with a ranch in ordinary horse games or in other animal games and horse simulator before, now become a wild horse and take a horse ride and explore the wilderness in this wild horse simulator.
Behold the largest collection of wild jungle animals . With amazing Mane color of Horse and protect your herd in wilderness. Enjoy with ferocious predators and eat corn.

Mas3dStudio promise awesome Wild Stallion Horse Simulator Features:

- 10 exciting horse games and horse simulator missions with challenging objectives
- Attack deer, zebras, elephants and many other animals
- Realistic hilly environment surround you with nature's beauty!
- Smooth on-screen controls and real horse sound in this horse simulator.
- Lush High quality 3D graphics

Download Wild Stallion Horse Simulator 3D game to clear challenging hurdles and have endless fun.

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