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[Zombie Pang]

Several villages in pet animals lived together peacefully... Scary zombies have invaded!
Pet Village of endangered jeolchejeolmyeong! Six pet guardians of town!
"Byeongssaem (chick)", "La Sung (raccoon)", "Mei mouse (mice)", "Stony Cat (Cat)", "ppoko (pig)", "mingki (monkey)" is United to defeat these zombies! Animals are really defeating the zombies will be able to regain the peace of the town ?

■ cafe : http://cafe.naver.com/zombiepang

■ facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/zombiepang

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[Game Features]

1. Defeat the zombie with artificial intelligence!
- Each stage will be given objectives to defeat the zombies that interfere with play in a variety of ways!

2. Expel the zombie! you can pull the flowers on the town!
- The zombie invasion suffered map! Clear the stage while the animals are structural. The back is covered with flowers depicting a scene that is peaceful!
- Each stage has 25 different feel of the theme It Consists of a lock is unlocked only when satisfying conditions.

3. Let daily attendance and acquire items!
- It can obtain various items that help gameplay.

4. Obtain a variety of items go out releasing the game easier!
- Various kinds of missions throughout the acquired items, the game can easily let go of my difficult situation!

5. Dynamic and interesting direction!
- Increasing impacts caused due to a variety of items used! Enjoy the fun!

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