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On sunny days there is a little boy named masha he lived in a forest, he got lost after camping with his family, in this game your mission is to help masha to be back home again home, but there are a lot of obstacles that prevented

Masha friends being kidnapped by the evil crocs, spiders and dragons and taken to the dark castle. It is up to the Super bear little boy to save him!

But be careful! Many enemies, problems, obstacles, traps and bosses defend your way through the jungle and surprised the world.

To get to friends, you must masha smash and the bear had to run and jump over obstacles, fight and shoot against the angry birds, fox, crawfishes, the robot birds, frogs, hedgehogs, mushrooms, skeletons, aliens and many other dragons and monsters.

Climb a big mountain and the stairs, against an enemy perhistoric, avoid falling bricks, find the blocks hidden and levels, collecting coins and diamonds, swim through the dangerous sea, exploring the many challenging and addictive world of forest and land and defeat all hostile enemies and bosses.

It's cool Jump and Run is a non-stop old school arcade super addictive adventure game!

Features Masha Adventures:
- 4 different addictive world (an amazing city, forest mad, world Egypt and the underground cave)
- 80 beautiful, well designed and challening levels with increasing difficulty
- Addictive, exciting and challenging forest adventure hit
- Old school jump and run platform / barrier runner
- Platformer classic for kids, children and adults
- Side-scroller gameplay with easy games console control pad
- Easy and free to play - hard to master
- Classic retro Junning woods and jumping adventure.

How to play Masha Adventures:
- To move mashas click the right or left on the control pad!
- Click below to crouch or on some tree stumps to get to the bonus levels!
- Press the B-button to make a super Fireboy bear jump!
- Press the A-button and right or left to run; press A and B together for a higher and broader jump!
- After drinking your coffee into Big masha and will be able to destroy the bricks!
- After taking your Fireball be super Fireboy and will be able to shoot the ball - press the B-Button to shoot!
- Fireboy pool: press the A-Button several times to swim higher ... release your finger from the button to go down!

Enjoy the brand new super Misha World adventure platformer game right now!

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