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Real Tabla is totally free app that simulates a classical tabla on your mobile devices. It's very easy to play, just drumming your finger on the pads/base of your favorite drums on enjoy the classic music. Enjoy the different rhythms with the latest new magic tabla drum free. The Real Tabla Free app have other modern and classical instruments like Guitar, Piano, Tumbi and Dhol with different sound that you really love them. You can play Tabla with beautiful and fantastic sound quality and multi-touch screen effect. Impress your friends, family everyone and everywhere through musical magic sound while finger touching on the mobile device screen. Upper right corner will give you different sounds with different beats. Really enjoy the unlimited fun of magical audio music and no need to wait. Create the sound of your own choice and enjoy the nice and beautiful music when played consecutively. Easy to use the control and interface and makes the tabla master by letting you play the different tabla beats with your touch on screen. Easy to use tabla instrument and provide you the realistic touching effect. Real tabla include classical and modern sound effect and has a incredibly realistic sound and HD graphics.

Features of Real Tabla:
* Tap load and screen.
* Multi-touch of Screen.
* Different Drumming Pads.
* Studio Audio Sound Quality.
* Magical Sound with Multi Touch.
* Change Recording Sound to Mp3.
* Full Screen mode and tablet support.
* Classic Rhythms with Recorded Audio.
* Mix the default Music track of your beats.
* Sound Effect with different sensor pitch change.