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Video player All Format plays almost all types of video files in high quality. One of the best media player in video player category. Video player hardware acceleration is very fast and smoother way with latest Video Player - Music Player. Video Player All Format is the free multimedia player. This is a video player and advanced video player with subtitle support. Video player for android one of the best video player. Video player can play Any media file. Multiple language support for your easy access to all options. “Video Player All Format HD” Play videos from external USB storage or download videos from all sources integrated in a unified collection. movie player, free video player, hd player, video player, видео, mp4 player, play video hd, video sound best video app, video play, hd video player, videos player, الفيديو, video hd 4k/ultra, 360 video, VR video player, hd video files cheers video, wmv player, 4k video player, Flac equalizer, Bass booster, Boofer sound, Woofer sound, Hd sound quality, High resolution, 播放器, mp4 video player, hd player, hd video player, video player download, mp4 player, wmv player, cloud video player, best video player for hd video, reproductor de videos en hd, mini video player, language video player, mx auer, leitor de video, video player, videoplayer all format, hdrip video player, mov player for android, viedo player, vireo player, continue video player, video player all format, video play, ideo player, supported media, video rodar, video oder, supporto video, supported background player, best video player and downloader for android, resolutions enhancing for video player, rush player, free video player for android 8.0, xvid video codec player, mpg video player for android, supported video format, mpg4 video player, hd codec video player, 5k player, video upscaler, media burner, producir video, aparelho de video, music and video center app, videoplayers f9r àñdroid, high resolution video player store video, video reproducer, posy video player, music and video player volume booster, video player for android mobile phone, best mov video player for android, app videos, video player android, musik free video player bg, new apps video player, video player hd, player hd, ideo player, productor de videos, siteden video, chuta been video movies, producir video, video hd, improve quality of video, top ten best free hd video player, best video player for hd video, next video, video players that play any video continuous, riprese video, continuously play different videos, video playerhd, video player plugins for androids, video plugin, watch videos in hd, play unsupported file types, supported video format. You can pause/play videos. Multi audio track and multi subtitle support for any video. You can zoom in and out during video playing. Playback option to go back to any features of your phone but video will not stop and will be playing in background video player. This video player also protects your private video from being deleted or seen when people use your device.
HD Video Player All Format Key Features:
• Auto detects video and music file formats.
• Thumbnail displays of videos & Multi Audio streams and multi subtitles videos.
• Supports Auto rotation, aspect Ratio.
• Video zoom options (aspect ratio, full, custom).
• Powerful band equalizer operation.
• Browse folders directly from player.
• Widget for music player on your home screen.
• Using hardware decoding, take advantage of Video player hardware acceleration.
• Play history list for easy access.
• Resume points for all your videos to keep record.
• Delete files, Rename, play pause stop operation.
• Video sharing option.
• Totally free app for every user.