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This application displays voice minutes usage of your multiple SIM device separately for each SIM using the Android call logger database. When you run the application, you can choose the start date for the call logs and the SIM for which you want to see the logs. Most probably you would like to choose the start date as beginning of your current billing cycle.

In case you have per-second billing (as opposed to per-minute billing), you can select that for each SIM. With per-second billing minutes will not be rounded. e.g. if there was a call of 90 seconds then with per-second billing it is counted as 1m30s. The same call in per-minute billing is counted as 2m0s. The number in the parenthesis is number of calls.

Happy to report that some users have confirmed that it is working on few Samsung, Sony, Acer, Lenovo, Micromax, Celkon and Xolo devices

The motivation behind this application was to create a very simple application where user can check usage just by a click.

2SIM call logger call logs record usage minutes dual multiple sim

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