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A military coup!
Imagine that the system in your country has been taken down and got controlled by a group of corrupt military commanders. Now, you are a fighter in the air force under the command of the corrupt leaders, and your MISSION is to KILL LOCAL civilians and to RESCUE FOREIGNER tourists!

Your corrupt commanders think that by killing your people you will save their neck from a fair trial. Besides, they think that no one will dare to object. They also don't want troubles with foreign countries and they don't want the tourism portion of their economy to collapse making them weaker.

Don't forget! If you get a rescue call from lost people in the mountains, go and rescue them if they are foreigners otherwise let them die or go kill them!

Disclaimer: This game is neither created nor supported (by any mean) by any political party or group. In addition, any resemblance between the story of the game and the real world is just accidental.

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