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"The dinosaurs came before or after Jesus?"-Yahoo Answer

Jesus: Untold

Science has proven to know the answer to this ingenuous question! Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, would say a paleontologist! But are you really sure it's gone that way? What if we told you that history has to be rewritten about dinosaurs!? The real story of Jesus and the dinosaurs is about to be unveiled! We were able to recreate the era when Jesus, along with his faithful Velociraptor,crossed huge deserts full of obstacles! Try to beat all records! You will be able to unlock new exclusive characters! Do not miss the opportunity to race with a dinosaur on the ancient deserts! Jesus is waiting for you!

It is not our intention to offend any religion or current of thought. We are fully aware of using images and scenes that are sensitive. This work is the result of irony and sarcasm. Do not take it seriously!


We read in sacred book inspired by Genesis 7-15.18
"the 4/5 of the animals had already risen on the Ark when Noah calls his wives, their daughters.
They had to pull the cranks of the greatest tackle ever built since the time of the pyramids of Egypt to hoist on board two males from the exceptional weight: the Brontosaurus Calderolus Dux and Craxi Elephus Maximus Loxodonta. Unfortunately the ropes ceded and the two big boy drowned miserably in that Jehovah had dropped with rain from the sky .... " JESUS: UNTOLD

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