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Best Features:
? Incognito mode (it is impossible to trace the app on the phone under surveillance)
? It intercepts all notifications received
? The synchronization of the information between devices is hourly
? Same app but with two possible profiles (parent & child)
? You have the ability to monitor multiple phones
? The security of your data is always guaranteed
? Once is installed you do not need to upgrade it
? An intuitive and simple interface

Time flies and who is a parent knows it better than others. As shown by many studies, most children start using touchscreen devices before being three years old. Since they are passing through a delicate age for their formation, this data put us in front of a big question: Is it good to leave our children alone in a cyberworld full of dangers? Smartphones requires an active interaction: with a few clicks, you get a chance to navigate in internet in an uncontrolled manner, to purchase applications or updates without stopping and chat with strangers. Internet is without limits, and sometimes teaching how to browse in a secure way isn’t enough. Recent surveys on the security of computers and mobile devices show that the majority of the parents doesn’t use softwares to protect their family from the danger of internet. For this reason we are committed to create a program that will help you to drive your child into the most delicate moments of his childhood and adolescence and to be vigilant about their surroundings: bad company, bullying, child abuse, etc. Given the great number of application that send and receive messages, we decided to offer a new approach than the usual Parental Control apps. By installing this application you’ll not block any functionality of your child's phone, in this way you’ll be able to be there for them even when they don’t want to. As the famous saying: “Prevention is better than cure”. This is our goal. This is what you really need to protect your loved ones!

The working is really easy, by installing this application you will be able to intercept all notifications received on the phone you want to monitor. In so doing there won’t be opportunity for your children to hide the content of their chat by simply deleting conversations. To have all of this you just need to install this application on your phone and on the phone to check. Then you have to complete the safety procedures by entering a password that will allow you to be the only person able to receive this data.

Now you must be wondering, “How I can do it without being discovered?”. Simple, we already thought of it! Once you have completed the installation you can activate the Incognito mode and that will "disappear" every trace of the application on the device. Finally you will need to access from your smartphone by entering the password you indicated. In this way you will be able to protect your loved ones, from today you have a new aIly!

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