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touchGrapher is a graphing calculator, a mathematical tool, which lets you draw graphs of functions of one variable on a plane. Simple navigation and possibility of managing every function after it has been drawn provide for usefulness in many applications and helps you save time in many situations.

In the current release the following are available to create your own functions: basic arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions, cyclometric functions, hiperbolic functions, logarithms of any base, roots of any base and more. The appearance of every function can be adjusted before or after it has been drawn, you can also set the order of the functions on the plane(e.g so no function covers the one you want to be on top).

Additional functionalities in current release include:
- numerical integration
- finding zeros, local extrema(maxima and minima), intersection points
- generating a function from a discrete set of points using:
- linear regression
- exponential regression
- polynomial interpolation

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