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The new application SEE Electrical Calculator V2 replaces this application that will no longer be maintained.
You will find in SEE Electrical Calculator V2 the same functionality with improved ergonomics and design.

Also try our application SEE Electrical Calculator Pro that integrates cable dimensioning.

Do not waste time with electrical installation calculation! With this simple, quick and complete app, make your electrical calculations at home, at work or on the field.

SEE Electrical Calculator allows you to compute voltage drop, earth leakage, short circuit currents as well as other calculations.

Whether you are a student, a craftsman or an engineer in electrical engineering, this app is for you!

This app is designed by the IGE+XAO Group, the Electrical CAD Specialist with over 26 years experience and 26 locations in 17 countries.
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Calculation available:
-Voltage drop
-IZ cable section
-Electrical conversions
-Ik minimum
-Ik maximum
-Iz high voltage cable (HV)
-Indirect contact
-Cable resistance (Rx) et impedance (Z)
-Z transfert
-Fuse fusion
-Reactive energy
-Earth leakage
-Economical section
-Motor protection
-IP-IK code
-Thermal generator motor group

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