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This Application lets user to get the Vehicle Registration Details provided registration number as the Input for any Transport Vehicle of CG (Chhattisgarh) State.

Find the Name,Address and Vehicle Information details by just giving the number plate details[Registration Number] of Car/Bike/Truck/SUV or Any Vehicle Registration Number.

The Following Vehicle Registration Details is Displayed

1. Owner Name
2. Owner Address
3. Owner City
4. Father/Husband Name of the Owner
5. Registration Date
7. Registration Validity [Fitness Upto]
8. Year Of Manufacture
9. Vehicle Class
10. Vehicle Maker Name
11. Vehicle Maker Classification
12. Color Of The Vehicle
13. Fuel Type Whether Petrol/Diesel or GAS.
14. Vehicle Engine No.
15. Vehicle Chassis No.
16. CC
17. Vehicle Type
18. Is Vehicle is Financed

The Vehicle Info is got from the RTO of the Chhattisgarh State RTO transport department.
1. Use this App to search Vehicle Information before buying second hand vehicles such as Car, Bike,Suv, Truck or any Transport Vehicle.
2. Can be used by Police authorities of Chhattisgarh to check the validity of the vehicle.
3. Use this App to verify Is your Vehicle Registration Details entered in the CG RTO Traffic Department is correct.
4. Search Vehicle Information to Check the RC Status i.e the Vehicle Registration Validity before buying Used Car Vehicle [or any Vehicle].

The information provided is for information purpose only.This application is not the official app of Chhattisgarh Government RTO or Traffic Department.

Please give good ratings and reviews so that it will be benefit for others also.

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