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Masquerade is a new dating app for people who want to do more than swipe. Meaningful matches are being made through Masquerade everyday. Masquerade is unlike any other dating app you’ve used. Most dating apps allow women to be bombarded by messages and make men sift through endless profiles. This dating app corrects that problem!

Creating your Masquerade dating app account is FREE, and thanks to it’s unique ecosystem, it filters out the dating site bots and people who waste your time with one word messages like, “yo,” “hi,” and “hey.”

Why Is Masquerade the hottest new dating app?
Every message you send and receive is decisive. You won’t receive spam from a swarm of wishy-washy people.
You’re encouraged not to use a public profile of your face for our dating site. Instead, like a masquerade ball, you should reveal yourself to others from your private photo collection when they’ve earned your interest.
All users are authenticated and inactive users are automatically removed from our system so you know that the profiles you’re looking at are active. We strive to create a high-quality dating experience for all of our users.

How Does Masquerade Work?
Masquerade is easy to use and perfect for the choosy bachelor or bachelorette!
1. Masquerade will show you profiles based on your criteria.
2. You can compare interests, start a conversation, or send a flirtatious gift when you find a profile that seems like a good match.
3. For every message you send, 1 coin will be deducted from your account. (Don’t worry you can get more!)
4. If they respond, 1 coin will be deducted from their account meaning they put some thought into messaging you back!

It’s that simple! You’ll be getting quality conversation because you’ll both be interested. No need for swiping or reading endless dating site bios. Just start messaging people and if they're interested they will respond back!

Masquerade will always be a free to access dating app. If you run out of coins, don’t worry! You can always get more or win some in our frequent contests.
If you do decide to purchase additional coins for your Masquerade dating account, your one-time payment will be accepted via paypal. There are no reoccurring payments and no monthly fees!